The Show

The show will start st of August, at 14:00 EEST (CEST+1 / PDT+10 / KST-6)

ASUS ROG Summer 2013

The StarCraft II eSports scene is as vibrant as ever thanks to the recent release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and the launch of the revised World Championship Series. 2013 has been a big year for StarCraft–which just celebrated its 15th anniversary–and it’s about to get even better. We’re happy to announce the comeback of ASUS ROG to the StarCraft II arena this summer, as it returns to Helsinki with the ASUS ROG Summer 2013 StarCraft II Tournament!

Quick Facts

Time: Thu 1 August - Sat 3 August 2013
Place: Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
Players: 32
Prize pool: $25 000 USD
Format: 2 group stages & single elimination playoffs
Streams: Free HD main stream with Khaldor & IdrA + community streams
Participation: Invites & online qualifiers

Streams & Casters



The event will feature one free official stream with HD quality. English commentary will be provided by the veteran caster Thomas "Khaldor" Kilian and Greg "IdrA" Fields, who recently made his debut as a caster in the SHOUTcraft America tournament.

Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat and Alexandre “FunKaDeLiC” Verrier will be joining the show as a host & interviewer and an in-game observer.

On top of the official stream, the event is open to community streams so that as much action as possible is broadcasted. 

Main stream will be posted on this website while you can find the community streams from websites such as


Times are in local time EEST (CEST+1 / PDT+10 / KST-6).

Thursday 1. August 2013

  • 14:00--18:30    Groups 1-4
  • 19:00--23:30    Groups 5-8

Friday 2. August 2013

  • 14:00--18:30    Groups A-B
  • 19:00--23:30    Groups C-D

Saturday 3. August 2013

  • 13:00  RO8 A
  • 14:30  RO8 B
  • 16:00  RO8 C
  • 17:30  RO8 D
  • 19:00  RO4 A
  • 20:30  RO4 B
  • 22:00    Break
  • 23:00  Final

Prize distribution

1st:             $10 000
2nd:            $5 000
3rd-4th:     $3 000
5th-8th:     $1 000

Tournament format

Read the full set of tournament rules (pdf).

The tournament format is the same as last year in ASUS ROG Summer 2012

  • Two dual tournament group stages.
  • Single elimination playoffs.
  • The first group stage (Ro32) is played on the first day.
  • The second group stage (Ro16) takes place on the second day.
  • Playoffs (Ro8 onwards) are played on the third and final day of the event.
  • All matches are best-of-five including the final. The 3rd place match is not played.

The ASUS ROG Summer 2012 tournament was among of the first outside of Korea to adopt the dual tournament format which had been made familiar to the StarCraft II audience by the GOMTV Global StarCraft II League. The feedback from the players about the new format was purely positive and especially the best-of-5 groups were praised being more fair than the more common best-of-3 format. Thus, it is no wonder that we are seeing this format again at ASUS ROG Summer 2013.